We  have  3  goals  at  Lavender  Trails: 

1) Do something that is good for the environment

2) Do something that benefits our community

3) Have FUN doing it!

Do you have an organization that would benefit from  a super simple fundraiser with  $100's / $1000's of potential?

We are school teachers that have tried every type of  fundraisers for years, like selling candy, fruit , t-shirts, holding spaghetti dinners.  All take a ton of time to set up  - execute - distribute - collect - wrap-up.
We want to avoid all that for you.

Just 3 steps:

1) Register - Fill out the Google Form with contact information
2)  Flood your social media supporters telling them about the event 
3) We send you a check
Just direct your supporters/contacts to www.lavendertrails.com/events, letting them know that your organizaton will receive $5 for every time slot scheduled. Just mention your group's name when they come out.  It is that SIMPLE!
Your group has nothing to do but to spread the word to everyone they know.  
Google FormSign up Today
We will be limiting the number of organizations....so sign up today.