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2020 Lavender Trails Festival

Vendor Information Page



Welcome  to  the  1st  Annual Lavender Trails Festival!

During the 2 day Festival Weekend please consider yourself as a “Lavender Festival Ambassador” – informative, friendly and helpful.   Feel free to refer visitor questions to one of the   staff or trained volunteers will be happy to assist them.



The Festival will be open to the public from 10:00AM-5:00PM Saturday and Sunday. We open the festival at 9:00AM because there are many early bird customers, even on Sunday. All Vendor vehicles must be out of the public area and parked each morning by 8:30AM.  Please, no packing up before 5:00PM on Sunday.


-Vendor space open to vendors who offer unique handcrafted items.   Vendors will be juried and will be limited based on type of product offered. No CBD oil or products.

-Vendors are required to be open Saturday and Sunday of the Festival from 10am to 5pm. 

-Submission of application does not guarantee acceptance. Booth spaces will be assigned by Lavender Trails prior to the event.

-Booth space will be 11' x 11'.  Vendor is responsible to bring everything they need in that space, including tent, tables, chairs, etc... Tents need to be weighted (former concrete dump so staking may be difficult), as the winds can be strong and unexpected.   Weather can be varied during the 2-day event and vendors should be prepared for wind, rain, and direct sunlight. 

-Booth Fee's - As this is our 1st year we are holding our booth spaces low. 

11x11 space = $40     

11 x 22 = $75 

Non- Profit - Free

Food Truck - $75

-Electricity / Water- Assume there will be none. We are working on a limited electricity access for Lavender Trails use only.

-WiFi - We are working to provide this for our vendors during the festival.

-Since access to the vendor area is limited, we will schedule setup times prior to the event (Friday evening - 3pm- 6pm; Sat Morning- 8am).  Vendors are responsible for all items including chairs, tables, power cords, and all fixtures.  Lavender Trails is not responsible for damage to tents or other items. 

-Cancellation - Booth fee's are non-refundable. 

-Pets are not allowed on the farm during the weekend.  If you have a special circumstance please contact Lavender Trails prior to set up.

Parking Permit

** One Parking Permit will be given to you at Load-In on Friday 3pm-6pm** Parking is on a first come, first served basis. Each Booth will receive ONE PARKING PERMIT for the nearby vendor parking area. If you are bringing a second car, please plan to park on the streets walking distance from the Festival Site.   


During the event, everyone should be aware of safety and security issues. Please report suspicious behavior, and take the initiative to call 911 on your cell phone immediately to report any emergency. 

Overnight Procedures

Private Security has been hired to provide security at night. Each evening Vendors are required to secure ALL FOUR SIDES of their booth with flaps, sides, tarps, clips, etc. and do what’s necessary to protect stall goods. You can use “blue” tarps at night, but not during the hours of the event. Lavender Trails is not responsible for your booth or contents.

Other Stuff

  • No smoking is allowed in or near booth. This event is a smoke free event. Participants who violate these rules may be closed and not permitted at the festival in future years.
  • Sales are to take place only inside the booth space. No selling items in space behind the booth and no ‘roaming’ the street with product or marketing material for sale or promotional.
  • Storage of stock must be within your booth.
  • You MUST have a Seller’s permit and be prepared to show it if asked.
  • We are checking into getting WiFi available.