The 2024 Lavender Season will begin Monday July 1st .

See you  then!

Located  near  Amish Country,  Lavender Trails  is  Wayne  County's  1st  Lavender  Farm! Just 5 miles from the Smuckers Store,  6 miles from P. Grahman Dunn, and 7miles from Lehmans Hardware.

With  over  1  mile  of  lavender,  we  are  growing  some  of  the  most  beautiful  plants .  Come  walk  through  our  diamond  shaped  gardens  with  11 different  species  including  white,  pink  and  several  shades  of  purple. 

Environmentally and Civic  focused,  we  took  a  Brownfield  and  made  it  Beautiful.... attracting  pollinators  of  all  types.  Additionally,  Lavender  Trails  is  committed  to supporting  Education  and  will  be  offering  Fundraising   opportunities  through   our  endeavors.


The Lavender Trails Outdoor Store has so many new and wonderful products ...Including: lavender scented lava braclets, artisan woodturned lavender vases, soaps, 4 different lavender plants (including white and pink),  lotions and so much more.